The Parish of Rushen has a Parochial Church Council (PCC) which meets every second month. The Council is responsible for co-operating with the Vicar in promoting the whole mission of the Church: pastoral, evangelistic, social and ecumenical. They also meet to discuss matters such as finance, church buildings and the life and worship of the parish.


The PCC consists of the vicar, readers, four churchwardens and fifteen elected members and a number of Diocesan Synod members. The elected members serve for 3 years; with a “five-on and five-off” rotation every year. Elections for membership of the PCC are held each year at the Annual Parochial Church Meeting.

The four churches are represented as follows:


Kirk Christ (Parish Church) 3 members

St Catherine's Church 5 members

St Mary's Church 4 members

St Peter's Church 2 members


For matters relating to the PCC, the secretary can be contacted here


Listed here are the minutes of PCC meetings


Listed here are the PCC Accounts



PCC Membership

Vicar (ex-officio):
Rev. Joe Heaton (Chair)

Churchwardens (ex-officio):
Harry Dawson, Gerry Callister,  Peter Hayhurst


Diocesan Synod Reps (ex-officio)::
 Gerry Callister, David Ali, James Dale, Daniel Heaton, Annie Curtis


PCC Secretary:
David Bowman


PCC Treasurer:
Steve Curtis


Annual Parochial Church Meeting (APCM)

This meeting takes place in March or April each year and provides an opportunity for parishioners to hear about the life and work of the four churches in the Parish and importantly to ask questions. Our annual accounts are presented by the Treasurer. Reports are presented by the vicar, churchwardens, sub-committees of the PCC, and groups involved in the functioning of church-life.


Overview of the Sub-Committees

A number of sub-committees exist that report directly to the PCC for key areas within the life and worship of the Parish. The purpose of the sub-committees is to give an opportunity for a few members to focus on a key area in a way that cannot be undertaken at a full PCC meeting, and hence allows more detailed discussion and reflection to take place. The committees meet regularly and report on their activities and make recommendations for approval by the PCC.

Worship Committee

Attends to all matters directly related to the worship in the four churches of the Parish and any matters which have a bearing on it.

Finance Committee

Ensures awareness of the most current position on income, expenditure and financial assets of the Parish; that financial controls that are in place are effective and understood; has first review of budgets and accounts and discusses key financial matters / special projects as directed by the PCC.

Social Committee

To facilitate, enable and promote a variety of events both within and around the Parish with the aim of building relationships in the wider community.

Mission and Outreach Committee

The Mission Committee aims to foster relations between the Church and the local community. To attend to all matters relating to the worldwide mission of the church including raising awareness of the different situations faced by Christians living elsewhere and supporting missionary work at home and overseas.

Buildings Committee

To ensure that all our buildings are welcoming and safe to all users; to report all maintenance issues to the wardens; to liaise with the Health and Safety Officer; and to discuss matters relating to the buildings as directed by the PCC.