Prayer Group

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A fellowship drawn from the churches within the parish, meets on a weekly basis for intercessory prayer. When the group meets, current matters for prayer are nominated and then, after reading from scripture, prayer is offered spontaneously as the Spirit moves - ranging from the local to the universal and the personal - from supplication to thanksgiving.

The meetings last around 30-40 minutes. Before departure, refreshments are shared which gives an opportunity for fellowship.

The group meet at Mrs Doreen Longton's home on Friday mornings commencing at 9.10am. Her address is: 15 Close Cam, Port Erin, Isle of Man.

There are few occasions when the group does not meet and these are advertised in the weekly pew sheet entitled 'Rushen News'. If there is any doubt, please telephone Doreen (832967), who will gladly give you the information you seek.

The Parish is indebted to Doreen for opening her home for these meetings and for her hospitality.